Thank the first responders, then enjoy the SPAM

Everyone has been standing with Boston and Massachusetts over the past week.  Finally, according to the Boston Globe, some political folks figured out a way to benefit from it.  The Democrats get the dubious honor of finishing first in the race to tastelessness:

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was behind this tasteless tactic, sending out an email and tweet asking people to sign a supposed “thank you note” to the first responders. That would be nice except for the fact that in order to “sign” the note, you have to give the Democratic party your email account and ZIP code.

“We’ll collect every note we get and deliver them to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Men­ino so they can pass along your 
 Schultz writes.

A note to the brave police and firefighters?  How sweet.  All you have to do to “sign” it is yield enough information that the DNC can figure out who your Member of Congress is and a way to contact you.  More important, they can tag you as someone who cares about first responders.  Then, if they were so inclined during the next budget crisis and certainly during  the next campaign, the Democrats can reach out to you and tell you how voting for their person means safety, while voting for the Republican means a living in a post-apocalyptic war zone where warlords fight each other over guns and gasoline while neo-feudal serfs cower in terror.

That is, if the Democrats were interested in using first responders as political chess pieces, which they would never do.

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