Wizards find one less excuse for losing

The Washington Wizards are streamlining their 250-page playbook – and adding more information at the same time.

At the start of training camp this week, each player received an iPod with a pre-loaded playbook.  In addition to standard diagrams of each play, the iPods were loaded with videos – to demonstrate the plays – and schedule information.  As the season moves along, coaches will use the iPods to distribute scouting reports and other updates.

This use of technology made me think about the applications to political efforts – and reminded me a little bit of the portable DVD players used by Rep.Patrick McHenry when he ran for Congress in 2004. Way back then, door-to-door volunteers delivered video messages from McHenry to voters.  In 2010, those volunteers might be armed with a personal video message, voter history, precinct walking sheets, polling locations,and megabytes of other information which is constantly being updated – literally in the palms of their hands.

Just as all the technology in the world won’t win a campaign without a good message, the Wizards can’t rely on gadgets to crack the 20-win barrier.  But given last year’s results, it can’t hurt.

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