Email marketing done right

The Wife received an email today from Adare Manor, one of the places we stayed during our honeymoon:

The email also included a message:

May you be surrounded by the warmth of home, the love of family & the company of good friends.  Happy Thanksgiving from Adare Manor.

It may seem simple, but it stands out because Adare Manor is in Ireland, and Thanksgiving – at least, the one that’s happening this week, is an American holiday.  They sent us a card for a holiday they don’t even celebrate – and judging by the message, they seem to have a good idea of what the holiday is all about, too.

Too often, online communication – especially through email lists – is treated like a broadcast medium.  It takes little more than some strategic thought and an investment of time to do things like segment out your list and craft your text carefully.  Sometimes, those running email programs lose sight of the fact that each row in their database of addresses is attached to a real person.

Sure, Adare Manor is trying to find ways to remind me that they exist, and encourage me to come back and stay there if I find myself in western Ireland again.  But they’re doing it based on what’s on my mind right now.  Even though there are probably tens of thousands of past American patrons who stayed in Adare and who received that same email, it feels personal.

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