Angle’s strategy: a wise investment

News has been slow coming out that a Harry Reid staffer pulled off the kind of stock market trick that would make Gordon Gecko come out of retirement for a sequel, doubling an investment in part on the results of legislation that was already moving through Congress.  (And leave it to a retiring Member of Congress, Brian Baird, to actually file a bill that holds Congress and their staffers to the same standards they have set for those evil Wall Street speculators.)

But as dumb as it was to pull such a stunt, Reid’s opponent Sharron Angle is keeping wisely mum.  Politico chalks it up to a “don’t trust media” strategy, but what could Angle gain from blasting Reid.

As Reid’s opponent, Angle is just about the worst person to criticize him – she’s a vested interest.  If the media carries the torch on the story, Angle is best to stay out of the way – and if they don’t, the NRSC’s independent expenditure division will likely jump on the story if there’s any political hay to be made.

Why should Angle sling the mud if others are willing to do the dirty work?

3 thoughts on “Angle’s strategy: a wise investment

  1. In a race where she has the edge, keeping quiet is exactly what she should do. It’s always there for her if she starts to slip, but I think this story will carry itself. Additionally, our latest TCJ Poll puts Angle 4 points ahead (Here if you want a reference: and there aren’t many undecideds left.

    There are some cases, however, when a candidate should monopolize on their opponents weaknesses and self-destructive soundbites. Christine O’Donnell, for example, needs to capitalize on her opponents radical left-wingism because she’s almost 20 points behind. That’s when a little mudslinging is necessary.

    The Conservative Journal

    1. That’s a good point about Delaware, Rick – the media narrative certainly isn’t going to help O’Donnell there. On the other hand, Coons was wise to let her negatives play out – from the sound bites to the “witchcraft” nonsense – and resist the temptation to pile on.

      Unfortunately for O’Donnell, that race is probably too far gone for any IE help, so her campaign is going to have to go pretty fiercely negative for anything bad to come out about her opponent. So you’re right – she’s going to have to sling some mud.

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