The Least Interesting Man in Washington State

According to this ad, that title is held by Dino Rossi.  It’s a great find by Project Virginia

This is a great model for an independent expenditure ad.  Instead of beating the viewer over the head with sinister music and wild claims, it’s creative and funny – and frames the election in a way the Rossi campaign couldn’t (and probably shouldn’t).  Best of all, it praises Rossi while poking a bit of fun at him – making it much more credible to the undecided voter.  With polls split down the middle in that race, Rossi could use any edge he can get.

2 thoughts on “The Least Interesting Man in Washington State

  1. So far the single best ad in this cycle. Can anyone tell me if this is the first time an ad uses an actor to portray the candidate? It’s amazing that it works so well.

  2. I can’t think of another example. But then, most independent expenditure campaigns are negative, versus this one’s positive spin on Rossi. I suppose that in a negative ad, using an actor might get you in all kinds of legal trouble – you could be accused of misleading voters, etc. But that’s just a thought, I could be wrong.

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