New and improved but with room for improvement


The Republican Party re-launched today.  In addition to discussions about the party platform, the site includes multiple opportunities for grassroots participation.  The home page shows the latest from the most important social networks.

These are all positive elements, and the timing is good – Republican excitement is naturally regenerating after the defeats of 2006 and 2008 just like a starfish regenerates an arm, and this provides an channel for that excitement.

The site seems to be a bit slow, though – which makes it tough to explore since the content is spread out fairly widely across the site.  With multiple blogs and action centers, the site has lots of nooks and crannies.  That’s probably better in the long term, but as an infant site, looks a little light on content.  Sub sections feel a little barren.

Because content is king, the Republican Party will need more meat on the bones.  Since they have good avenues for user generated content, that’s more about increasing visibility – something they should have the infrastructure to do anyway.

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