There’s no app for that

Apple has rejected a proposed iPhone application because it is, as ReadWriteWeb reports, “politically charged.”  The app in question helps advocates for nationalized, single-payer health insurance organize and make an impact – or it would, if anyone could download it.

There are plenty of people who would disagree with the app’s goal.  But, as with any speech, the answer is to respond in kind – perhaps to create another app that helps people organize and speak out for a patient-driven health care system.

Apple has every right to reject any app it wants.  That may not be the best business decision, though.  Part of the iPhone’s appeal is it’s ability to be the Swiss army knife of mobile devices through the various applications.  By rejecting political applications, Apple is cutting out a large segment of potential users.  (And incidentally, the Obama campaign released a similar app about a year ago to help mobilize voters and volunteers.)

If this move was an attempt to avoid political controversy, Apple couldn’t have gotten it more wrong.

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