A site called “Funny or Die” shouldn’t be anywhere near healthcare

This snarky “Save the Insurance Companies” PSA featuring Will Ferrell is a hit, at least in terms of its viewership.  .

It’s certainly better than Kicking and Screaming, and it’s makes the point that many on the left are trying to drive home – that insurance companies are greedy leeches who profit from sickness, and that their money should be commandeered to fund publicly administered health insurance plans.

But the Personal Democracy Forum brings up an interesting point about the timing of this video.  Released just this week, the intense health care debate is already pretty mature.  Sarcasm and oversimplifications can help frame the debate, but they are less effective in moving the debate along.

Much like a tardy Ron Burgundy bursting into the Channel 4 newsroom after spending some time in a glass case of emotion, Will Ferrell may be too late to make his point.

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