It matters who is stepping in to “help”

Health care reform is this week’s topic in Your Nation’s Capital. Last week, there were rumors of a second stimulus package to answer flagging unemployment numbers. The Obama Administration has responded to problem after problem with a steady drumbeat calling for new and expanded government programs. Inaction is not an option, our President has said.

What isn’t said is who is doing that something – and probably with good reason.

This week, NASA finally admitted that it had taped over the original recordings of the Moon landing. This is not my kid brothers taping over my old VHS recordings of the A-Team with episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.  This is the definitive video record of man’s first step on the surface of anything other than Earth. It’s a key moment in the history of our nation and, more importantly, our species. It’s a giant leap for mankind.

This is what passes for rocket science in Washington, D.C. – and if these are the smart kids, who’s administering TARP funds and deciding who gets to be first in line at the doctor?

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