Winning On Obamacare

From the latest “By the Numbers” column on the Washington Times Communities:

The Obama Administration’s rocky implementation of the Affordable Care Act has made the Republican Party increasingly optimistic in the early days of 2014. Each piece of bad Obamacare news has helped cement “Winning the Senate” as the top item on the GOP New Year’s resolution list.

And why not? With every failure, the fissures in President Barack Obama’s electoral coalition widen a bit more. Those cracks were on display in December polls. Millenials don’t like the law – 56% disapprove, according to one survey from the Harvard Institute of Politics. Approval ratings for the President are falling among Latino and Hispanic voters, says a Gallup poll; Obama’s 52% mark reflects a 23% drop in the past year.

This news paints a rosy picture for Republican election prospects. It also comes with an important to-do list. Just because people are frustrated with Democrats doesn’t mean they will run into the Republicans’ open arms.

Read more here.

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