Data on Donuts to Make You Go Nuts

Dunkin’ Donuts will roll out a loyalty program later this year.  (Shockingly, this will not be automatically included with residency in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.)

Anyone who has spent time in New England (or the Northeast in general) understands that this is an idea whose time is overdue.  Dunkin’ Brands’ Vice President of Global Consumer Engagement didn’t give away too much when chatting about the new program with Ad Exchanger, but this part was pretty interesting:

We look at the consumer base and there are a number of options for them to consider when making the decision on where to get their coffee, whether that’s in the morning or the afternoon. We wanted to not only reward them, but provide incentives, and ways to drive frequency and customer retention… [T]hat’s where every marketer wants to be — where they know exactly who is buying, when they are buying, what they are buying and what triggers they need to make them potentially buy more. We see it the evolution of driving a more comprehensive CRM opportunity with Dunkin’.

They may not know it, but it’s a direct copy from the 2012 Obama campaign: tap into an audience’s excitement, then gather as much data about what causes that excitement to translate into action.  Every cause has its champions, so ever would-be mob leader needs to think this way.

At least in theory, Dunkin’ Donuts will run a loyalty program that looks like a Presidential campaign.

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