Obama’s Bad News Power Rankings, 5.23.2013

If you participate in social media, you’ve probably heard talk of the Obama scandals.  TargetPoint released this graphic showing  what people are talking about, and how they’re taking it.  The news is not good for the current administration:


Thus, this week’s Bad News Power Rankings practically write themselves:

  1. IRS vs. Tea Partiers.  (Last week: 2) The parade of Administration officials who either change their story or won’t tell it moved this one up the list.  Rasmussen reports 60% of Americans feel it’s pretty likely that other agencies also targeted conservative groups, meaning that people don’t view the IRS’s actions as a one-off.
  2. Benghazi.  (Last week: 3) Amazingly, independents believe in an Obama Administration cover-up more than Republicans.
  3. DOJ vs. AP.  (Last week: 1) This one has been relatively quiet this week, but still makes reporters sympathetic.
  4. Fast and Furious.  Of course, it would be nice to say that the current scandals have raised the voting public’s awareness of this previous scandal.  But let’s be honest: it’s probably the upcoming movie, “6 Fast, 6 Furious.”
  5. Keystone XL.  Pundits love to trash Republicans for “playing to the base,” but Congress may force the Administration’s hand on this wedge issue for Democrats’ extreme environmentalist supporters.

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