Reviewing Romney’s Video

Mitt Romney announced that he will form an exploratory committee yesterday.  As is the custom with just about every candidate now, he made that announcement via YouTube:

As Matt Lewis notes, the video’s low-key approach helps because, frankly, this is not the last announcement we expect from Romney.  Since Romney’s main criticism is that he’s an empty suit and perpetual candidate, trying to go overboard might appear fake.  Between the lack of production values and the fact that the video seemed to be filmed the same day it was released, this is probably as sincere as Romney has come off in a long time.

He’s also helped by timing.  This week marks the fifth anniversary of the Massachusetts health carBoringe law that served as the inspiration for the recent national health care industry overhaul.  The issue will incite opposition within the Republican party no matter when he announces, but this week Democrats are poking fun at him for it, too.  This at least allows Romney to claim that the other side is worried about him.

The one drawback to the subdued entry into the race, for Romney, is that it feeds into another knock on him: that he is a bland presumptive nominee incapable of matching the excitement or enthusiasm of Barack Obama.  But if, as expected, there are further announcements to come from Romney, he’ll have time to be exciting later.

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