Getting ahead of the curve on voter fraud

Remember the good old days, when American politics was about a battle of ideas put to the test at the ballot box on election day?  Back then, after the results were tallied, that’s when the vanquished loser would accuse the winner of fraud.

Apparently, now we have pre-emptive accusations.

Election Journal release a mobile application called iReport this week.  As the small “i” suggests, it’s only available for the iPhone, but that’s of little concern.  This is a messaging device.

Democrats are already starting to hint at voter fraud complaints against Republicans in close races in Chicago and Texas.  The accusations are familiar, and luckily for our democratic system they tend to be untrue.  But they do make it easier to overturn an election in court later on.

Election Journal – which exposed New Black Panther Party members pacing about wielding beat-down rods at voting locations in Philadelphia in 2008 – effectively counters with transparency.  Their app lets the user take pictures and video of any suspicious activity, regardless of whether the offender is a Tea Party Activist or a union goon.  After all, either one should be punished for committing voter fraud, right?

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