Ending Labor Day Weekend in style by bashing the DC teachers union

This is probably a losing proposition in Your Nation’s Capital, where local government officials and their cronies seem to conspire to keep the District depressed.  (Seriously, the unemployment rate in Southeast DC was as high as 28% in the last year, while the rest of the metro area was around 5-7%.  It’s like they’re trying  to keep people poor.)  But it’s still an excellent commercial – calling out teachers unions with the type of blunt-force sarcasm and satire necessary to warrant a chuckle during the morning news.  It’s been playing on the local channels for a few weeks now, and I expect it will continue through the mayoral primary next week.

Of course, the group behind the ads, the Center for Union Facts, might want to be careful – their antagonists’ version of blunt force might include populating the area under the end zones at the New Giants Stadium.

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