The politics of fear

Washington is still buzzing about the RNC’s leaked fundraising presentation, especially the use of the word “fear” as a means to win support.

Why couldn’t the Republicans be more like our President, who speaks in rational terms about ideas, just like he did in Pennsylvania today:

Every year, the problem gets worse.  Every year, insurance companies deny more people coverage because they’ve got preexisting conditions.  Every year, they drop more people’s coverage when they get sick right when they need it most.  Every year, they raise premiums higher and higher and higher.

See the difference?

4 thoughts on “The politics of fear

  1. Yes.
    The President in this case, is right.
    Bush, and the Republicans, in eight years of fear mongering, were wrong. The GOP when it talks about how awful our British NHS is and how we don’t treat people over 75, are wrong. So yes, there’s a big difference.

    1. In this case, Pres. Obama needs to convince Americans – who are, by and large, satisfied with their own health care – to buy into a new health care system. So he claims that, if you don’t support him, you will lose your insurance. Quite literally, he’s trying to scare up support.

      I haven’t heard the claim that the British NHS doesn’t treat people over 75 in any mainstream arguments, but I would agree that without figures to back it up, it would qualify as a scare tactic and shouldn’t be used to argue against government health care. I have heard a lot of comparisons to the Canadian system, which Canadians aren’t entirely satisfied with – that’s why the ones who have a choice come here for their health care (which has been the dirty little secret of our Northern neighbors’ system for a few years now).

      I also know that, in America, I can’t point to a single federal government-run social program that has worked outside of the interstate highway system and national defense. Maybe the English have had better luck, but here in the Colonies we tend to work better when left to our own devices.

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