But they’re so progressive…

As Massachusetts becomes the hub of the American political universe, Politico notes that, win or lose, Martha Coakley’s struggles raise some questions:

Before the votes are even counted, her fellow Democrats have compiled a list of reasons why Martha Coakley has struggled: anemic retail politics, a blind-eye to shifting momentum and an inexplicable appearance on a sports talk radio show that led her to misidentify a Red Sox star.

There is truth to them all. But they also gloss over an obstacle that has received far less attention – a glass ceiling that remains almost impenetrable even in the Blue state of Massachusetts.

Sexism?  In that haven of progressive politics?  In the home of John F. Kennedy, and one of the homes of Robert F. Kennedy?  In a state with so many institutions of higher learning?

Massachusetts is my adopted home state, and I loved it for the six years I lived there.   Surely, these allegations are wholly inconsistent with a rich history of tolerance in the era of Democratic dominance in Massachusetts.

Why, just consider Boston’s reputation for appreciating its athletic representatives.

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