Basketball with a public option

What’s the problem with having a public option as part of a health care reform package?  This video does a good job of exposing the fallacy that a government-run insurance program simply expands competition on an even field – or, in this case, court.

enator Dodd


· Ted Keyes – Financial professional, active member of numerous greater Hartford business organizations and Dodd supporter ( has spoken with Dodd over the years on litigation reform issues, specifically Class Action).

· Ryan Kennedy – Former personal aide to Dodd.  Ryan began a career in financial services about 5 years ago after leaving Dodd’s staff.  He is a supporter, contributor and son of Dodd’s close friend, Brendan Kennedy.

· Mark Austin – Private Capital Group

Web postings:



Sen. Bayh


· Martin Wright – CPA and the CFO for Laibe Corp.

· State Representative Matt Bell (R-Avilla) – He is forwarding a previous securities letter along with a new cover letter.

· Deirdre Tiernan – CPA for the Indiana Rural Electrical Cooperatives.

· Michael Brenner – CPA for the Indiana Rural Electrical Cooperatives.

Phone call:

· Chris Belch – Partner in the bankruptcy firm Lynch and Belch. He spoke to Ellen Chube, Senator Bayh’s Banking LA.  According to Ellen the Senator is reviewing the language and she could not speak specifically to section 984. She did say the Senator feels the House version provides too much financial regulation.


· Indiana Manufacturers Assoc. – Included language on the Bill in their morning email blast to 8,000 members on 11/17.

Sen. Schumer


· Mark Gjonaj – Treasurer, Albanian American Chamber of Commerce, to Marty Brennan with a copy of a letter he had previously sent in on scheme liability.

· Ralph Coti – Owner of Coti and Sugrue, a well-known law firm in New York City. He’s dealt with Schumer in the past.

· George Darden – Mayor, Village of Spring Valley

Phone call:

· Armen Meyer – High level staffer for NYS Banking Superintendent Richard Neiman.  Called Jona Crain, Schumer’s LA for the banking committee, to express the superintendent’s views about the single regulator proposal and the negative impact it has on New York: destabilization of the state charter, removing expertise of a state partner, and giving banks no reason to stay in New York. He said JC wasn’t forthcoming with position of Schumer, but was very receptive to the opposition points despite public comments made by Schumer.

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