I thought the people against health care overhauls were the aggressive ones

Earlier this week, the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform blog told the tale of a conservative student group at Slippery Rock University running afoul of the campus librarian.  (Seriously.)

Apparently, the story got even jucier after the cops were called:

Mr. Tramdack claimed, to wit: “I have a copyright on everything I say and do. If you are willing to sell me the copyright, if you are willing to endorse that I own the copyright to this video, I will license it to you for $50,000. If I write a shopping list that says toilet paper to go to the supermarket tonight, that’s copyrighted. You need to learn about copyright laws…You have a potential libel suit coming down on you.”

Mr. Tramdack’s outburst demonstrates not only a stunning lack of professionalism but a disturbingly inaccurate understanding of copyright for a campus library director.

One more reason it’s always good to have a video camera nearby.

(This would have been discussed earlier, but it’s been a busy week…)

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