Friday Fun: Max Baucus look-alike contest

baucusSen. Max Baucus is all over the news, meaning there are pictures of him everywhere. This is troubling to me because the Senate Finance Committee Chairman looks eerily familiar – not an exact look-alike for anyone in particular, but close enough that he could be related.

At first, I thought it might be David Letterman, who has also been making news lately:


If the revelation came out tomorrow that Baucus and Letterman had been separated at birth, I don’t think anyone would be surprised.  But another entry in this half-assed little contest could be Chelcie Ross, an actor who you know even if the name isn’t familiar.  You may know him from Hoosiers, or as the evil coach in Rudy.  Or, in his you might know recognize his theological rhetoric from Major League:

So who do you think looks more like Sen. Max Baucus?  Letterman?  Eddie Harris?  Someone else?

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