Health care (Astro)Turf wars

Team Obama is not worried about the opposition to their health care overhaul plans.  Robert Gibbs called for Americans to look upon them with a “jaundiced eye” and called the efforts the most derogatory of inside-the-beltway epithets, “AstroTurf” – fake grass roots.  And it’s certainly not uncommon in DC.

But erstwhile Republican Senator Arlen Specter may be surprised by Gibbs’s characterization, as he ran headlong into this opposition…

As did Congressman Lloyd Dogget…

…And Congressman Russ Carnahan….

The Democrats’ answer to these protests are paid radio ads that will be airing in the districts of key Democrats whose support for the President’s health care goals may cost them votes in 2010.  You can listen in here.

So on one side we have upset people confronting their elected representatives.  On the other, we have radio ads produced by a national entity telling voters what’s good for them.  I’m sorry, which one was the fake grassroots?

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