I’ve got Chris Dodd in my pocket, and my other hand is waving a peace sign

Former Congressman and current Senate candidate Rob Simmons has a neat fundraiser going as part of his campaign to unseat the ethically challenged Chris Dodd in Connecticut.  For $5, the campaign will send you a “Pocket Dodd” – a small cardboard cutout of the Senator so you, like the recipients of far-too-much bailout funding, can have Chris Dodd “in your pocket.”

The low, $5 suggested contribution limit, coupled with the message and the invitation to send back pictures give this project a chance for a viral impact.  Although, Simmons and Co. might have invited some less-than-wholesome responses with their call for people to “send photos of Pocket Dodd in action!”  (I’m glad those responses aren’t going to my inbox…)

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