Alright. Your shipping…

A friend sent me a link to an advocacy campaign being waged by FedEx.  FedEx is fighting obscure language in an regulatory bill that they say would force them to change their labor practices – and give UPS a better chance to compete.

I see online advocacy campaigns like this all the time, but this one has a few flaws.  For instance, the advocacy tool will help generate mass emails to elected officials, but that’s not a particularly effective method of getting a point across.  Congressional offices are staffed at the same levels as they were in the 1970s – but they receive much more communication through platforms that were unfathomably three decades ago.  Mass emails get counted and deleted, so their real effect is dubious.

Further, the video on the site is smart, but it’s hosted in a custom video player.  That makes it harder to share.  The web development team could have saved bandwidth and money byembedding a video hosted on YouTube.

In fact,the video on the site apparently hasn’t even been posted on YouTube by the Brown Bailout campaign – only(inexplicably) by one of their critics.

The creative team behind the Brown Bailout site is certainly funny; but like any clever message they need a good strategy to spread it – and make it have an impact where it matters.

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