Poltics: Not always appropriate

This appeared yesterday on @EFCANOW, the Twitter stream of an organized labor outfit called American Rights at Work (an organization which, paradoxically, seeks to limit your right to a secret ballot if you and your fellow workers vote on unionization):


The Huffington Post article mentioned previous attempts by security guards for more safety equipment.  In and of itself, this is an interesting and salient point: do we do enough to protect museum security guards?

It really has nothing to do with whether those guards are in a union or not, but that didn’t stop proponentsof the Employee Free Choice Act from trying to use the slaying of a security guard to advance an unrelated legislative agenda.

Unfortunately for @EFCANOW, Twitter doesn’t let you delete tweets anymore.  So when they realized their mistake later in the day, they had to scramble to make up for it.  They posted a second time, distancing themselves from the article – followed in rapid succession by several tweets much more relevant to the issue of forced unionization.

Is it sick?  Yes.  But since Big Labor’s fingerprints are all over American Rights at Work, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at their insensitivity to violence.

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