When life gives you swine flu, make bacon

swineflu2 You can’t turn on a TV or load up a news site without seeing or hearing some expert weighing in about the swine flu.  But I’ve found it interesting to watch people deal with this soon-to-be pandemic.

In Mexico, people are decorating their surgical masks so that they can stand up to the epidemic with style and individuality.  And just today I learned about the Swine Flu Twitter Feed (@the_swine_flu), with updates on how the flu itself is going about its business of “being the best pandemic I can be.”  You know an epidemic has pop culture staying power when it inspires a Twitter account.  Filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney asks whether “Swine Flu” or “Mexican Flu” is more politically incorrect.

As much unfortunate bad news as the Swine Flu has caused, this may all seem a bit inappropriate.  It’s a good sign, though – laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

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