Man, I’d hate to have a degree in journalism from THAT place

My beloved Alma Mater, the University of Massachusetts, is drawing fire for not standing up for the free speech of the Republican Club. The school that gave us the Greatest American President Ever charged the club an extra $444 for security to bring former Boston Herald columnist Don Feder to campus. The extra security then stood by as Feder’s speech was shouted down.

Check it out:

This comes on the heels of the campus’s conservative newspaper, the Minuteman, getting stolen – and the student government calling the cops on a student leader who actually tried to stand up for them.

Guess who won’t be sending a check to the Alumni Association?

Of course, given that my current job is, in part, a result of my participation in the Republican Club and the Minuteman, I bet they wouldn’t want it, anyway. But I’ll be sure to send a note to tell them why – and you should feel free to let them know what you think, too.

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