Connect the Dots! La-la-la-la!

For those on the left, the answer to the Tea Parties that sprang up on April 15 was supposed to be dismissal; they were simply “astroturf” events orchestrated from Inside the Beltway. That charge only goes so far, though, and with the images of thousands of people at tax protests across the country, charges of astroturfing ring fairly hollow.

So the Obama Administration took matters into their own hands. A report warning of “rightwing extremism” was leaked from the Department of Homeland Security. The report itself was probably not a commentary on Republican activism – but you have to read the report to know that.

What the timing of the report guarantees is that the phrase “rightwing extremism” will be uttered in news broadcasts within minutes of any coverage of the tea parties – not necessarily in a related story, but both items will be covered. Sometimes drawing the dots on the paper – and allowing others to connect them – is the best strategy.

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