Tea minus 7 days to Tax Day

If you haven’t already filed, there’s only a week left before income tax returns are due. If you’ve already filed, then you might be able to join one of the Tea Party protests of higher taxes going on nationwide.

The Tea Party movement has already spread to several cities – and in checking out their website, I wondered why I hadn’t heard more about it.

Was it overt media bias? Partly – and left wing outlets like the Huffington Post are certainly paying attention. But as I like to mention whenever I talk about media relations, there’s really no vast left-wing media conspiracy. Often, conservatives and libertarians just don’t approach the media with their messages properly framed for a liberal audience (since most reporters are, in fact, liberals). The first sentence on the Tea Party website’s About Us section – “A great evil has come upon this nation, and something has to be done” – probably feeds the media’s groupthink that the movement is more fringe than freedom.

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