Washington: Hollywood for Ugly People

Cole Abaius at Film School Rejects probably thought he was posting about entertainment media when he answered critics of Hollywood blogs. But the points he raises about the evolving media culture – that ethics are often skewed for the sake of the scoop, even beyond the blogosphere – dovetail into some similar criticisms leveled by former RNC head Ed Gillespie.

Gillespie illustrates his point about media bias by telling the story of a reporter – with whom he had a longstanding working relationship – appearing on Hardball. The reporter called an open letter penned by Gillespie “disingenuous,” though he later privately admitted he hadn’t even read it. But the immediacy of television forced some type of response to a Chris Matthews question.

Part of Gillespie’s advice for handling the slanted media is to simply avoid the slanted media through the use of technology – a tactic embraced even by those politicians most beloved by the slanted media.

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