Scranton 2.0

The city that gave us Steamtown, Dunder-Mifflin Paper, and me is updating it’s online presence. Scranton, Pa. has appropriated $15,000 to give a facelift in an attempt to lure young professionals to the area.

The effort will include a drive to connect Scranton natives via online social networks like Facebook. It’s a savvy move, and $15,000 is not really that much to pay for a web site as involved as the one Scranton is talking about. Plus, my favorite part of the story, though, is that unlike most municipal sites, the new Rediscover Scranton will not include needless pictures of local politicians. This is a good idea – since the site is aimed at people outside the Electric City, there’s no reason for such gratuitous vote-grabs.

Rediscover Scranton may need a spokesperson, though. Luckily, there’s a champion of the people and a native son of Northeastern Pennsylvania who would be perfect:

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