Girl Scouts 2.0

The Girl Scouts understand two concepts which have escaped the people at the controls of the economy: supply and demand.

The Girl Scouts of America have announced sweeping changes in order to boost membership. Recognizing that this isn’t 1955 anymore, the concepts of campfire sing-a-longs, sewing and cooking, and even merit badges are being replaced by video conferences, financial responsibility training, and a leadership development curriculum. With more girls socializing online, blogs and online networks are emphasized (which gives the Girl Scouts a chance to teach about online safety, too).

Breathe easy, those peanut-butter-and-chocolate cookies aren’t going anywhere.

Of course it’s sad when traditions are phased out, but the Girl Scouts are reacting to the reality of dwindling membership – the organization was forced to change to meet the needs and demands of today. By clinging to those traditions, the Girl Scouts could serve nostalgia-seekers, but not the young girls who need them – and they would slowly die out.

Any industry seeking a bailout should heed the example of the Girl Scouts. And if the parallels aren’t readily clear, maybe they could go door to door selling thin mints for a week or so – apparently, you can pick up pretty sound economic lessons that way.

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