Two projects have launched in the wee small hours of the morning over the past couple of days that have caught my eye.

Patrick Ruffini, whose most fitting title may be “Republican organizational entrepreneur,” has announced “Project Battleground” on The Next Right. The project recruits bloggers by state and Congressional district. Aside from keeping out-of-work GOP political operatives engaged and ready for 2010 and 2012, Project Battleground will help build the grassroots communications networks that will be critical to future Republican victories. And it’s worth mentioning that grassroots online movements have had big election impacts in the recent past – like Ned Lamont’s primary upset of Joe Lieberman.

On the philosophical side, several conservative activists have teamed together to launch TheSupermajority, a site that defies categorization. Essentially, it serves to answer the policies of the Obama Administration and his Congressional allies with “solutions” – an important development. While it’s all well and good to criticize liberal and/or Democratic policies, The Supermajority offers positive alternatives. Perhaps even more important, the site offers activists tools to spread those ideas. Plus it looks nice.

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