You have a standing army, but will they march?

Normally, I’d be happy to see a sign at the end of a DC Metro escalator that says “Move On,” because my fellow commuters sometimes need help with that concept. This evening, though, I spied this ad at the Farragut West station:

The key message was clear based on the tagline: is clearly ready to mobilize a standing army to support Barack Obama. (And that’s before President Obama taps into his own 13 million-person list.)

I saw this just hours after I saw Craig Colgan’s post on TechRepublican that suggested that the legions of left-wing “netroots” activists may be somewhat… shall we say, open to suggestion? MoveOn certainly seems to think they can mobilize their list at the drop of a hat to support the Obama Agenda. Without the pressure of a campaign, I’ll be curious to see if they take action – and, if they do, how effective that action is.

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