Card check just won’t die

A friend who works at a libertarian/free market organization told me this week that donations for anti-EFCA projects are drying up. The Inside-the-Beltway buzz is that card-check (the provision that axes secret ballot requirements from unionization votes) is not as imminent as pro-enterprise groups had feared. But organized labor has friends controlling both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, not to mention a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate. The political environment may never be better to pass card check.

Sure enough, the SEIU launched a campaign to advance card check this week. Predictably, they frame it as necessary to improve the lives of workers. Nothing improves your quality of life like a union goon looking over your shoulder.

It would be unwise for pro-enterprise groups to allow SEIU and its allies to operate without an answer. Otherwise, secret ballot supporters may find themselves playing defense too late to make a difference.

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