Cuba libre

Fidel Castro has offered to meet with Barack Obama to open up relations between Cuba and the U.S. I can’t imagine what kind of common ground they have; Cuba’s government funds their economy, and despite a so-called democracy, leadership is based on a cult of personality.

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One thought on “Cuba libre

  1. Off topic—2 month Federal Income Tax Holiday?! If true, FINALLY the Republicans 'get it'!!!! Finally a "bailout" for the taxpayer! I & I suspect many,many others just got a reason to vote Republican(again–"it's the economy, stupid"). While the Pres.-elect is now speaking about "creating or REINSTATING 2.5 million jobs" the Republicans are actually suggesting giving the taxpayers $ NOW!!!!
    Ok so I was wrong about Caroline Kennedy for VP–but I suspect she will be the Senator fron NY to run for Pres. …hopefully not as the 1st woman Pres. as she will be running against incumbent Pres. Palin!!!!!!

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