Beat the lines – vote late

CNN has set up a voter hotline so folks can report problems at polling stations. I’ll go out on a limb and say things won’t be perfect – not because of any kind of dirty tricks or ACORN coming up with a Halloween-themed recently deceased GOTV program, but because tomorrow we will have more than just a Presidential election going on.

Your high school civics teacher may have told you that we actually have 51 separate elections for President. But consider all the various counties and elections districts within each state, and the reality is that there will but hundreds (if not thousands) of essentially separate elections going on tomorrow. And considering that many of the folks orchestrating this ballet of democracy are volunteers or very low-paid people with nothing better to do… well, if I heard that there were no irregularities, then I’d be a little suspicious.

As for CNN’s Crumbling Democracy Hotline, many of the calls have been from people complaining about waiting in line too long. Given past attempts to disenfranchise voters through poll taxes, literacy tests, and outright violence, this is probably a good sign.

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