It looks like you, me, and all our fellow taxpayers will not be chipping in more than $5,000 apiece to bail out Wall Street. (They will not be sending it back to us, so don’t get too excited.)

The Wall Street Failout makes me proud to be an American. Across the country, voters’ personal BS meters went off, as constiutuent pressure had a big hand in killing this bill. (Of course, Nancy Pelosi’s campaign speech didn’t help.)

Our elected representatives are now trying to come up with some kind of solution, but this is a good time to trust the wisdom of the people. Much of our current mess was created by government intervention in the first place, as the well-researched video below chronicles (and even though it’s 11 minutes long, it’s worth it). It seems unlikely that the cure for a government-created problem is more government.

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