Moore for less

Good news! You won’t have to pay a dime to see Michael Moore’s next movie. Slacker Uprising, a documentary about Michael Moore travelling around the country during the 2004 election, will be available for free download on September 23. (But only for U.S. and Canadian citizens, which is of course wrong because we are a nation of immigrants.)

Moore claims the digital freebie is a thank-you note to his legions of adoring fans. More probably, he realized that fewer people than usual would go see it. His previous films, which dealth with issues like health care, gun control, or the war on terror, had an element of hot-of-the-presses controversy; Slacker Uprising deals with a speaking tour that tried (and failed) to affect an election four years ago.

Second (and, truth be told, more important), Moore must realize that, although big theatrical releases are great, this is 2008, and that ideas on film spread faster through viral video. Moore’s crackpot ideas have a better chance at exposure if his potential followers aren’t asked to plunk down $9.75 for the experience.

2 thoughts on “Moore for less

  1. I think I figured it out—Pelosi: currently 3rd in line to the Presidency….so Palin is simply the natural progression for women!

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