Heard anything about this Sarah Palin chick?

I’ve seen a story or two about Sarah Palin since her national introduction, as Obama’s camp tried to skewer her for everything from her lack of experience (“Where was she Governor? Alaska? That doesn’t count!”) to family issues (“How can she expect to represent real people when she’s trying to balance a family, a career, and a daughter’s unexpected pregnancy?”)

DailyKos takes the taco for criticizing Palin’s handling of Alaska dairy policy. And it was tough to top all the Obamanation minions who have the brass cahones to talk about Palin’s alleged inexperience.

All the drummed-up controversy demonstrates the political left’s understanding that Palin, 44, has the potential to be a strong female voice for conservative ideas for years to come – as a veep candidate in 2008 and as potential Presidential timber in 2012. If she isn’t destroyed, it strips the Democrats of their self-styled monopoly on “change.”

Ward Connerly, Christina Hoff Sommers, Star Parker, and others know it all too well: whenever conservative views are expressed by a constituency the left likes to think they own, the criticism of the messenger becomes especially swift and harsh.

2 thoughts on “Heard anything about this Sarah Palin chick?

  1. I don’t about the “left” but just because a conservative say something in the press or otherwise, it doesn’t mean they are automatically put on trial by the left. It is because the conservative is extreme or nonsensical in their views, or express views that are biased or even just plain bold faced lies. People like Sarah Palin and Star Parker talk crazy and when you try to discuss thing with them, they don’t listen, they just keep talking and refuse to look at things from any other perspective. That’s why the “left” attacks.

  2. I think it’s that kind of knee-jerk reaction to conservative views as “nonsensical” that I’m talking about.

    Star Parker doesn’t talk crazy. She outlines how policies designed to help the poor are actually hurtful, despite the best intentions. Sarah Palin believes in personal rights, therefore she calls for a smaller government. Those seem pretty logical to me

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