The Right Pick

It’s Getaway Day in Your Nation’s Capitol, and John McCain made sure nothing would get done in any office in this town by announcing Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential pick. Congratulations to John McCain for getting it right.

A half dozen quick reasons why Sarah Palin is the perfect veep pick for McCain:

1. She updates the Republican Brand. It turns out, there are women in the Republican Party after all. Now, to find a black dude…

2. She underscores McCain’s “maverick” image. Palin has governing experience, but is clearly as far outside of Washington, D.C. as you can get without wearing a lei. The pick came from out of left field as far as many pundits were concerned. The pick hurts efforts to paint McCain as an “insider.”

3. She is guaranteed to draw media interest. Palin’s compelling story (five kids, former fisherman, etc.) will get plenty of press play because she’s the first woman running on a major ticket. (I don’t count Geraldine Ferraro, because the Mondale ticket wasn’t all that serious.)

4. The Democrats can’t attack her biggest weaknesses. They’re already trying, but really, how do the Democrats complain about her being governor for only 2 years? Is that an argument they really want to make?

5. She excites the Republican base. McCain won the Republican nomination by attrition, and was not enjoying much enthusiasm over his campaign 24 hours ago. Every Republican I have talked to over the past eight hours is excited that there is a new, fresh face on the national stage who shares their core values of limited government. This is the same type of energy on the right that motivated the grassroots on the left to push Barack Obama past Hilary Clinton in the primaries. And after a four-year term, who better for a 77-year-old McCain to pass the torch to?

6. Most importantly: out of both major tickets, she would be the best President. She turned down – TURNED DOWN – federal earmarks. She enacted budget reform.

The proof will be in her performance this campaign season, but this is a pretty exciting development for Republicans.

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