Rove, Rove, Rove your boat

Despite some stirrings on the right, there’s nothing wrong with Matt Lauer’s interview with Karl Rove, part of which aired yesterday morning.  The Today Show host was a bit combative, but journalists are supposed to be that way when talking with political figures.  (And sparring with a Republican is at least better than recycling the same five stories every morning and pretending like something is new.)

Matt Lewis had Rove on his podcast yesterday and came at the interview from a different angle.  If you are a politics junkie, it’s a good interview to listen to.  (For instance, Rove shares a hilarious story of a then-college-aged Lee Atwater’s first meeting with George H.W. Bush.)  It’s definitely worth a listen.

Crashing in and cashing in

Not since Sen. John McCain appeared in a movie with topless women have two party crashers caused so much controversy in Washington, DC as Tareq and Michaele Salahi.  And in addition to exposing what may be questionable security at the White House, they may have also highlighted one of the problems with big, mainstream media.

November 30:  Multiple media outlets report that the Salahis are asking for a six-figure payout for an exclusive interview.

December 1: The Today Show – one of my favorite programs for hard-hitting journalismruns an exclusive interview of the Salahis.