Our American Holiday

Is there a holiday that reflects America better than Thanksgiving?

It’s enjoyed best with family, but without the materialism that creeps into gift-giving holidays like Christmas.  There’s no pressure to buy the right item, spend the right amount, or remember the right people.  There may be some chores, like cooking and washing dishes, but those are the only obligations.

People are more giving.  It’s a shame when people are hungry any day of the year, but there seems to be an inherent belief that it’s especially shameful on Thanksgiving.

Most take the day off, and we aren’t entirely comfortable with companies that expect people to work.

It recognizes religion and belief in a higher power, an appreciation that, sometimes, hard work isn’t the only factor in how successful we are.  At the same time, it doesn’t recognize a specific religion.  There isn’t a religion that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

There are also points to be made about gluttony and consumerism, and if you’re a concussion-hawk you can grouse about football as well.  I choose to focus on the positive, and hope you and your family can as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!