Wrapping up

It isn’t hard to see that people are still processing this week’s election. That’s a good thing: quitting cold turkey might lead to withdrawal symptoms. Of course, the results mean different things to different people, meaning post-election analysis has been diverse and educational. Here are my favorites:

Down in the dumps? Ten reasons why you shouldn’t be. Fellow UMass alum and conservative author Dan Flynn has five reasons why he’s excited about an Obama presidency. The Next Right‘s Karen Soltis is looking for five positive outcomes from Tuesday’s results.

What happened? Like C3PO talking to the Ewoks, Colin Delany of epolitics summarizes the Obama camp’s revolutionary online tactics and superior infrastructure from the primaries and caucuses through election day. Republican online guru Patrick Ruffini finds that Obama’s appeal among black and young voters translated into 73 electoral votes.

Good for a laugh. Townhall.com’s Matt Lewis kicks off the long-predicted post-election GOP soul searching with a thank-you memo to conservative pundits who trashed McCain. But the best and most insightful summary of the election came from my brother Mike.

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