The court looks different from this angle

This morning’s Washington Post Express had the following installment of the excellent comic strip Pearls Before Swine:

And then, by a happy coincidence, the worst-kept secret in Washington DC is confirmed: President Obama will nominate Elena Kagan – who hasn’t been a judge – to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Despite a different experience than others, having a legal scholar on the bench may allow the court to reach opinions based on legal theory rather than the circumstances presented.  Though given the qualifications President Obama has put forward in the past, don’t hold your breath waiting on it to happen.

St. Barack of Chicago

An enterprising Reuters photographer – likely with a sense of humor – took this picture of President Obama today:


The President was speaking about his administration’s programs to help small businesses.  No word on whether he said anything about money-changers.

An image like this is probably not set up on purpose.   The White House communication staff will probably have to spend a little more attention to the sight lines for photographers at future press events.

Although, we probably should not judge them, lest we be judged.

Not crazy – just ahead of the curve

Obama-socialism_0This picture caused a bit of a stir in the blogosphere.  It was not meant as a conservative political statement – and, as Dan Flynn pointed out, it would have been an ineffective one.  And it certainly wasn’t a racist image, as some critics have claimed.

The picture is, however, evidence that occasionally images take on a life of their own, and that people sometimes see what they want to see.  If the narrative in your head is that the conservative movement has been dumbed down (as Flynn has written about before) you may see an aimless attempt at fusing politics and pop culture.  If you are looking for examples of the racial hatred you just know your opponents possess, you see a black man painted in white make-up.

At the end of the day, this was and is a picture doctored up by someone looking to have some fun and blow off steam after listening to months of hero worship.  Why so serious?