Why haven’t I seen more from you?

Top 10 reasons I haven’t blogged in a week:

10. Holding out for stimulus bailout money.

9. Chimp attack.

8. Too offended by NY Post cartoons.

7. Shutting blog down, getting ready to take over the Tonight Show.

6. Was picking up a package from my cousin in the Dominican Republic.

5. Trying to have blog classified as “online home”; holding out for a mortgage bailout.

4. Relieved that, when I saw the headline “Burris Accused of Perjury”it was talking about a government official and not Plaxico.

3. I was blogging on the other Internet.

2. Since blog is “vehicle for communications” holding out for auto maker bailout.

1. Just one of many repercussions of the DC Metro’s Orange Line delays.

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